Central Global Logistics Limited is working with great dedication and tremendous professionalism to serve its customers and partners worldwide with the best possible service. Choose to ship with us and we guarantee you full satisfaction and reliable support at all times.


Address: 78 Agrabad Commercial Area (8/F),
Telephone: +880 (0) 31-2516391-92
Fax: +880 (0) 31-2516393
Mobile Phone: +880 (0) 17-13198535
Emergency Call: +880 (0) 19-73198525

Website: www.central.com.bd

Email: info@central.com.bd


Name: Santu Palit, Ocean Export
Title: Sr. Manager
Email: santu@central.com.bd

Name: Mr. Md. Shohel
Title: Senior Executive, Sales & Marketing
Email: anwer@central.com.bd

Name: Mr. Ismail Hossain
Title: Senior Assistant Manager, Import & Project
Email: ismail@central.com.bd

Name: Mr. Rashedul Islam
Title: Sr. Assistant Manager, Sales & Marketing
Email: rashed@central.com.bd

Name: Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun
Title: Sr. Manager, Pricing
Email: mamun@central.com.bd

Name: Ms. Ayesha Siddiqua
Title: Executive, Accounts
Email: ayesha@central.com.bd

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